Senin, 21 November 2011

year is very hard for Hewlett Packard

Hewlett Packard fell 91% in the fourth quarter, as the company with the impact of information technology, problems with their foray into the non-Tablet PC and the expulsion of the CEO.

The computer company has a turbulent year for the introduction of CEO Léo Apotheker out in September. In the fourth quarter, the company has $ 239m (£ 153m), or 12 cents per share on revenue of $ 32.1bn. In the same quarter a year ago, HP earned $ 1.10 $ or 2500000000 per share, on revenues of $ 33.3bn.

The data were collected of $ 2100000000 of the company for the rehabilitation, especially the activity of webOS, the affected paid fueled the unfortunate touchpad. IPad rival HP was lifted in August and the company said it would not not have Palm Pre smartphone with support for the sales decline.

Despite the disappointments, HP modest quarterly figures exceeded Wall Street expectations. Revenues from services of the business unit grew by 1.7%, while the enterprise server, storage and networking segment sales decline of 4% nicked.

Sales in the core business PC HP has fallen by 1.6%. Notebook sales fell by 4.1%, while desktop sales grew by 0.5%. Please print department of the company decreased by 10%.
Earlier this year, when the company of his company's distribution of personal computers, the largest in the world to keep before the decision in October.

Shares of the Company side by 2.4% to $ 27.50 in extended trading to close after the loss of more than 4% to $ 26.86 on the New York Stock Exchange.
Recently appointed CEO Meg Whitman said 2012 was a "rebuilding year" for HP.
"We must return to basics in fiscal 2012, including the prudent investment in the business and directed by consistent," he said.

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