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flexible electronic card

A flexible electronic card opens the way for the real owner of the breed of consumers who buy items and accounts for the 'hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, fuel, etc. without paying a load of notes on mounting credit card of' You are all types of payments in a few seconds of time in the utility. There is no risk or disadvantage that plundered the credit card because it is a complete security to the holder of a variety of risks, in general, in anticipation of the person that a large amount of money with him or her. If the credit card offers many advantages for the user, which has various forms of hidden drawbacks that the cardholder to enter.
The advantages of a credit card

Unlike a suitcase full of money to pay for capital goods such as cars bought to make home theater, TV, refrigerator, jewelry, computers and household appliances, payments by credit card makes all kinds of goods and services within seconds.
The card reduces the weight of the revenue of the goods purchased, because it feeds all the details of the products purchased, warranty, guarantee, payment, etc., which turns out to be a great advantage in case the need arises to repair the 'object within the respective national guarantee / warranty period. The card provides information on the date of purchase, serial number, PIN, etc.
A credit card opens the way to the heavy volume of loans like home loan, car loan, etc., revealing a history of good credit record. If the user is careful enough to use it as his / her basic needs to repay the amount of money every time, without unnecessary delay, within a few hours should have been granted a new loan based on credit history.
The credit card allows the user to his / her needs urgent, when the situation requires him / her during a natural disaster or accident, such as floods, fires, accidents, etc. turn out to be extraordinary benefits of the card allows the user to use the on a credit card limit.
A few credit cards belonging to a certain number of banks and financial institutions offer a big discount on the purchase of certain goods. It 'done to promote the sale of products on the reversal of spending through credit card. Beware of offers like that. Try not to be influenced by such temptations, without being greedy of goods beat and make sure you have the amount due for any purchases you've already done through a credit card, to cut unnecessary costs to avoid falling into the shoulder.
Disadvantages of a Credit Card
Although the use of a credit card offers many benefits to the cardholder's credit, there are many hidden drawbacks that the credit card holder can face when they are unaware of its opposite effects to the user's credit card
Use rough paper, which on the one hand, the user does not restrict further purchases, the hacks do it after a while 'you are not monthly repayments due from him on the other side. If you made your purchase with a credit card worth $ 200 from $ 50 actual amount deposited into your account and are believed to remain in a shop without the need to know how much you owe the bank, you will hit a lot of rights without that shine through. Watch out for careless shopping by credit card. Does not go beyond the purchase of your ability to repay monthly.
The credit card issuing banks and financial institutions to earn huge money by publishing a dream. Almost all people in the United States was careful to fall into the raid card and do a heavy amount as the amount of debt each month charged by banks to pay.
If your credit card somewhere or stolen or misused by someone, however, the burden of proof is on your shoulder, provided they do not follow the bank or financial institution intimate over the phone or in person directly from the paper Credit happening in your possession. Some banks even a single penny, is not an indictment against fraudulent purchases by the lack of a credit card, after referring to the customer, some banks do charge a paltry sum of money from the cardholder's real.

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