Jumat, 18 November 2011

Tips : To overcome the Cold

While the cold is very contagious, stimulated by more than 100 viruses that spread from contaminated surfaces or inhalation took it and rubbed it in your eye or mouth or a nostril. But beyond washing hands frequently, there are a number of ways you can raise their immunity:

This week oil prices touched $ 98 per barrel

Oil prices fell below 98 dollars a barrel Friday to end a week of volatile mix of debt jitters in Europe with the prospect of tightening oil supplies, and improving economic conditions in the U.S.
Oil prices ended the week lower than the beginning, despite the increase in the negotiations that led while oil above $ 100 in mid-week for the first time since July. With benchmark crude fell $ 1.41 to close at 97.41 dollars a barrel Friday in New York in light trading ahead of Thanksgiving week.

European concerns about the recent stock

Stocks finished on where to start Friday as investors are positive signs that are balanced to the U.S. economy with a deadline looming for the deficit-cutting congressional committee. The sharp slowdown earlier this week has left the market with the worst weekly loss since September.
The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 25.43 points, or 0.2 percent, to close at 11,796.16. The Dow traded in a relatively narrow range, an increase of 84 points and dropped to 15. Hewlett-Packard Co. jumped 2.6 percent, most of the 30 stocks in the index, while updating analyst.

Kamis, 17 November 2011

finally decided by moore

Moore in September 2005

Demi Moore closed her marriage to actor Ashton Kutcher, told The Associated Press on Thursday. Moore, 49, and Kutcher, 33, married in September 2005.

Couple's relationship became tabloid fodder in recent months, rumors about the alleged affair stirred Kutcher.

women are more often exposed to a broken heart syndrome

A woman's heart breaks more easily than a man.
Females are 7-9 times more likely to suffer from "broken heart syndrome", when all of a sudden or prolonged stress due to relationship problems or death from heart attack or heart failure such extraordinary symptoms, the first national study findings Usually these patients. recovered without permanent sequelae.

Rabu, 16 November 2011

South Korea refused to ratify the trade agreement the U.S

US and SKorea agreement

South Korea's main opposition party said Wednesday that he would not support free trade agreement with the United States, but critically important point is approached, dimming prospects for a quick approval.

20 PERCENT adult in USA have drug habbit

More than 20 percent of U.S. adults take at least one medication for conditions such as anxiety and depression in 2010, according to an analysis of prescription data, including more than one in four women.
The report, released Wednesday by the pharmacy benefits manager Medco Health Solutions Inc., has found that the use of drugs for psychiatric and behavioral disorders increased by 22 percent in 2001. The drugs most often prescribed for women aged 45 years, but its use in men and in young adults has increased significantly. Among adults 20-44, the use of antipsychotic drugs and treatment for hyperactivity with attention deficit more than tripled, and the use of anti-anxiety drugs like Xanax, Valium and Ativan have increased by 30 percent a decade ago .

Today many Patients avoid heart medications for free

Giving people drug-free and many of them still do not care to take their medications.
The doctor was surprised to see the resort of people occurred in a large study Involving Heart Attack Victims. Patient well-established sources of drugs available to prevent the recurrence of heart problems, including cholesterol-lowering drugs called statins, which slow the heart and helps pump more efficiently.
"My God, we've given people the idea of ​​drug free and only take half," said one study author, Dr. Elliott Antman of Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women Hospital in Boston.

Smoking in cars should be eliminated to protect anyone

Smoking should be banned in cars to protect drivers and passengers - especially children - to inhale the poison is far worse than those found in smoky bars, the doctor has asked the nation.

Senin, 14 November 2011

Expectations give Europeans, Asian stocks Pumped

Asian stock indexes and the euro currency managed soared in early trading this week, Monday, November 14, 2011.
Substitution of new leaders in Italy and Greece, are expected to bring about change. The new leadership is believed to be taking decisive action to save his country from bankruptcy and fend off the threat of widespread financial crisis in the eurozone.

Eurozone Crisis

Italy's Unicredit bank has been forced to ringfence €48bn of toxic assets and has told staff 5,200 of them will be made redundant

Italy's largest bank, Unicredit, on Monday highlighted the obstacles faced by prime minister-designate Mario Monti when it sent out a plea to shareholders for extra funds to protect against bad loans to Greece and losses on subsidiaries in eastern Europe.
Unicredit, which operates in 22 European countries with more than 168,000 employees, said it needed to boost its reserves by €7.5bn after it plunged into loss, was forced to ring-fence €48bn of toxic assets, and told staff that 5,200 of them would be made redundant.
Details of the bank's poor state of health emerged as former EU commissioner Monti's struggle to form a new government took its toll on the country's borrowing costs.
Italian bond yields – which determine the interest rate paid on its debts – began to climb towards previous record highs that brought the country to the edge of bankruptcy last week.
Italy has the third largest bond market in the world after Japan and the US with debts of around 120% of national income.
The euphoria that accompanied Silvio Berlusconi's agreement last week to quit – and brought bond yields back towards the all-important 6% level – evaporated within hours of his departure on Saturday as it became obvious it would take time for Monti to win over rival factions to form a new coalition.
Bond yields reached 6.77% on Monday, raising concerns that international investors already considered a technocratic government under Monti a lame duck.
Europe's stock markets closed down as international investors raised questions about the prospect of Italy and Spain eventually going bust. Spain saw its borrowing costs rise to 6.13% on its 10 year bonds.
Spain and Italy's man indices both fell by 2%, while the French Cac and the German Dax lost 1% each. The FTSE 100 ended 26 points lower at 5519, a fall of almost 0.5%.
The chancellor, George Osborne, said a new administration in Rome should get to grips with its debts and "make their economies more competitive".
He urged the authorities in Brussels and Frankfurt to bolster the firewall needed to protect Italy and Spain to prevent a repeat of the financial collapse that forced Ireland, Portugal and Greece to need more than €300bn of bailout funds.
"The eurozone has the financial capacity to restore stability. They now need to deploy it without delay," he wrote in London's Evening Standard newspaper.
Meanwhile Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, warned that Europe faces perhaps its toughest time since the second world war in a speech to her Christian Democratic Union party. The German chancellor said that closer political union was needed to save Europe: "If the euro fails then Europe will fail," she cautioned.
The German finance minister, Wolfgang Schäuble, won a standing ovation at the Christian Democrat's party conference in Leipzig with calls to block all moves by the European Central Bank to buy more than token numbers of Italian bonds.
Schäuble told the conference that Europe must defend its currency, and acknowledged that Germany was "fairly alone" in believing that the European Central Bank must not be used for "unlimited financing of states".
Schäuble also argued that there was "too much liquidity in the world" – indicating that he remains opposed to the suggestion that the ECB should embark on a quantitative easing spree.
Details of a letter from Italian finance minister Guilo Tremonti to Olli Rehn, Europe's commissioner for economic and monetary affairs, also raised the prospect of social unrest.
Tremonti said he wanted to address the EU's concerns that Italy had failed to get its finances into line with a programme of tax rises and state asset sales, including the sale of unused prisons and military buildings. The letter also reveals that around 300,000 public sector jobs could be axed over the next three years.
The rise in Spanish bond yields will worry Brussels. Spain is due to seek several billion euros of loans in the next week and officials will want to restrict the rise in borrowing costs or risk a similar threat of bankruptcy that has plagued Italy.
Spain goes to the polls at the weekend to find a successor to the administration of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The Spanish are expected to reject the socialists, who have been in power since 2004, in favour of the right wing Popular Party. Spanish politicians criticised the ECB for raising interest rates earlier this year, making it more costly for businesses to borrow and invest.
Osborne, like many EU finance ministers, has urged the ECB to cut rates and announce that it will protect all the economies in the 17 member currency club with unlimited funds.
Osborne, who said he stood alongside the US, the IMF and China in wanting further action from eurozone politicians, said an enhanced European Financial Stability Facility, which has €440bn pledged to it by eurozone members, could also play a vital role.

Osborne, who said he stood alongside the US, the IMF and China in wanting further action from eurozone politicians, said an enhanced European Financial Stability Facility, which has €440bn pledged to it by eurozone members, could also play a vital role.
"Whether it is done by the ECB or by eurozone governments is not the central issue: the financial risks of standing behind their currency will ultimately be borne by eurozone citizens," he said.


Short-term fasting could help protect cancer patients against the effects of chemotherapy, a study suggests.
Scientists found that fasting toughens up healthy cells but not cancer cells, raising hopes that, if the finding can be confirmed in clinical trials, it could be used to improve cancer treatment.
Chemotherapy has many side-effects because the drugs also kill healthy body cells. Scientists have long been looking for ways to improve the body's defences against the drugs.


A cancer patient has given birth to a healthy baby boy after a 1.5-tonne shield was designed and built to protect her and the unborn child while she underwent radiotherapy.
Sarah Best is believed to be the first woman in Britain to have a baby after receiving such a course of radiotherapy and chemotherapy during a pregnancy.
Best went into labour minutes after completing her treatment and her son, Jake, was born more than a month earlier than expected. Both mother and child are thriving. Thirty-year-old Best was four months pregnant with her first child when doctors told her she had mouth cancer. Surgeons removed a tumour from her tongue but discovered the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes. Best, from Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, was told the cancer could spread if she did not have radiotherapy. To protect the unborn child two lead shields, each 5cm thick, were built to encase her bump during daily 20-minute long radiotherapy sessions.

Minggu, 13 November 2011

Konspirasi di Dunia

Sudah menjadi rahasia umum lagi banyak konspirasi di balik kejadian kejadian di dunia ini.
ada unsur unsur dibalik kejadian tersebut yang mungkin dirancang sebagian pihak untuk keuntungan mereka masing masing.

   Banyak teori teori konspirasi yang telah dikemukakan oleh berbagai ahli di dunia ini tentang "9/11". Banyak dari pengamat mengatakan presiden Bush dan pemerintahannya telah mengetahui tentang serangan itu tetapi mereka membiarkannya agar mendapatkan dukungan publik untuk militerisasi dan perluasan negara serta kebijakan asing dan domestik yang akan menguntungkan mereka
  Para pengamat menuding ini merupakan jalan menuju proyek abad Amerika baru. Para pengamat konservatif mengatakan ini semua diperlukan untuk membentuk opini publik agar menguntungkan mereka.

2. Ditemukannya UFO di Roswell
  Insiden ditemukannya kepingan UFO di Roswell, New Mexico pada juli 1947 itu telah menjadi subjek spekulasi, rumor, pertanyaan dan juga penelitian. Ada banyak pandangan berbeda dengan kejadian tersebut, dan banyak terjadi perdebatan disana sini tentang apa yang terjadi sebenarnya.
  Sedangkan dewan militer Amerika menyatakan bahwa kepingan UFO tersebut merupakan balon rahasia mereka yang jatuh.

  Pada awal 1990an peneliti UFO seperti Friedman, William Moore, Karl Pflock, dan tim dari Kevin Randle dan Don Schmitt telah melakukan penelitian dengan mewancarai ratusan orang yang mengaku berhubungan langsung dengan tragedi Roswell tersebut, selain itu ratusan dokumen yang diterima dari Freedom of Information Fact, ternyata beberapa rahasia telah dibocorkan oleh orang dalam seperti sengketa dokumen "Majestic 12". Kesimpulan dr penelitian tersebut adalah bahwa kepingan yang ditemukan di roswell tersebut merupakan kepingan dari UFOdan mungkin jugabeberapa masih hidup di daerah tersebut waktu itu. Tetapi mereka selalu menutupi, dan kalau ditanya mereka selalu tutup mulut dan mengatakan itu palsu.

3. Pembunuhan Jhon F Kennedy

   Pembunuhan Jhon F Kennedy  yang merupakan presiden amerika yang ke 23 itu terjadi pada Jumat, november 22,1963.di Dallas Texas, USA. Kennedy terluka terkena tembakan saat naik bersama istrinya dalam iring iringan presiden di jalan Dealey plaza, penyelidikan diakukan oleh komisi Warren dalam sepuluh bulan, dan laporannya diterbitkan di tahun1964, komisi ini menyimpulakn bahwa pembunuhan ini hanya dilakukan oleh Lee Harvey Oswald seorang pegawai di texas school book depository di dealy plaza.
   Sejumlah teori konspirasi mulai ditemukan yang ada hubungannya dengan pembunuhan presiden AS tersebut, teori tersebut diperoleh setelah kematiannya melibatkan pihak pihak federal seperti Federal Reserve, CIA, KGB, Mafia, FBI dan orang orang yang menolak pemerintahan kuba, dan juga untuk kepentingan tersendiri amerika serikat.

4. Lady Diana

   Pada tahun 1997 Lady Diana dan Dobi Al Fayed (anak pemilik Hotel Ritz danHarrod ) tewas dalam kecelakaan mobil ketika melarikan diri dari kejaran pers di Paris, skndal soal hubungan mereka ( dodi yang seorang muslim sedangkan Diana yang merupakan calon pemimpin gereja di inggris ) bahwa mereka telah dibunuh untuk menutupi skandal dan menyelamatkan tahta Inggris.
  Jajak pendapat menunjukkan sekitar seperempat publik inggris dan mayoritas orang orang di negara arab berpendapat ada plot untuk membunuh Diana, sebuah konspirasi yang mencakup motivasi diana untuk menikah dengan dodi fayed, dia ingin masuk islam, di juga hamil, dan juga bahwa dia akan mengunjungi tanah suci, organisasi yang mungkin bertanggung jawab atas pembunuhan itu adalah Intelejen Prancis, British Royal Family, Pers, Mossad, Freemason, CIA, MI6, atau IRA.

5. Pendaratan di Bulan
   Pendaratan Apollo di bulan merupakan kisah palsu yang di ukir oleh nasa, dan yang terlibat lainnya, Beberapa kelompok dan Individu di Amerika mengadakan pertemuan, untuk menyatakan bahwa Nasa telah mengada ngada dan terus mengabadikan tipuan ini.
   Untuk menguatkan bahwa nasa berbohong para peneliti melakukan penelitian terhadap foto foto dan video.