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Progesterone Cream Side Effects

"The side effects of progesterone cream" is the subject of this article, we consider to be, in plain language.
What is progesterone?

The progesterone is actually the sex hormone produced in women for their corpus luteum fertilized egg. It can also be described as a steroid hormone produced in the ovaries of the woman by the corpus luteum during ovulation. Natural progesterone product is generally considered a sign of other vital hormones such as cortisol, androstenedione, testosterone and estrogen. According to medical researchers, from 20 to 30 mg of progesterone naturally produced in the female body during the menstrual phase (luteal aka).
What is progesterone cream?

Progesterone Cream is an estrogen-balancing fat-soluble ointment is widely used by women who suffer from bone diseases and hormonal disorders. Made with natural herbal extracts of tropical plants in Mexico, the side effects of progesterone cream are widely used by women to address conditions such as balancing estrogen, making the bones stronger, increasing the risk of breast cancer, improving PMS (pre-menstrual syndrome) and the normalization of the period.
Side Effects of Progesterone Cream

Application minute of progesterone cream does not cause adverse effects, but excessive or regular user (women) suffer from numerous side effects. And 'the environment of xenoestrogens, which reacts with progesterone cream, applied to the skin and causes hand cream to leave the women's health. The side effects of progesterone cream, but they are of short duration, can be extended to embarrass women. Here are some side effects of progesterone cream for the user.
Hormonal Disruption/Disorder- And 'one of the side effects of progesterone cream for the user to influence, excessive use. And 'the continuation or maintenance of progesterone cream on the skin, the way to the negative side effects on user access. Those who use progesterone cream for their hormonal balance bothered to stop taking themselves immune to the effects of progesterone cream, such as estrogen in their body is naturally improved.
Figure huge weight gain with heavy hips and belly fat is another side effect of progesterone, when used in a cream form of pills by mouth.
Attenuation of the hair.
Mild to severe cramps during menstruation.
Swelling in the chest, but temporary.
Pain in the ovaries.
Depression and nervousness.
Short duration of hot flashes.
The expansion of uterine fibroids.
Loss of sexual desire.
The side effects of progesterone cream may vary depending on your natural production of estrogen.

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