Jumat, 25 November 2011

obesity advisory group was disbanded by the minister of health

The government has terminated its advisory panel of experts in obesity, most members have criticized the decision by the health minister Andrew Lansley to the epidemic by working closely with the food industry and drinks.

Many group members have argued in meetings "taking care of responsibility" with the likes of PepsiCo and McDonald labeling and the reduction of fat and sugar is not the obesity epidemic to run, but their advice is largely ignored. Some were openly critical of the government.

Professors Tim Lang and Geof Rayner wrote in the British Medical Journal in April of concern for the sponsorship of the sector to Change4Life social marketing campaign. There was a risk that the policy of "push" people healthier habits through incentives such as vouchers offered by food companies would be "a smokescreen for, at best, responsibility and, at worst, audience marketing approval, "they say.

Their ultimate concern, they said, "is that the reader is the collusion between government and business to mislead consumers. At least nannies are obvious."

With the dismantling of the Group, a spokesman for the Department of Health said that health is a priority and "bring a new approach. In light of our new approach also leads us to new consultancy contracts for overweight. "

Group Chairman, Dr Susan Jebb, who is also president of the responsibilities of the food industry would have remained a scientific advisor, said. He added: "There will be a new set of revised national ambition on obesity, which together will be key partners and experts to bring academics and scientists.

"Health in England will play a critical role in providing robust evidence and intelligence to local areas."

Klim McPherson of Oxford University, who is chairman of the National Heart Forum, was one of the experienced members of the group. "Too many of us have a critical voice for the company and its responsibilities effectively," he said. They were suggesting a more aggressive policy for the rise in obesity and to discuss interventions such as taxes and grease appropriate labeling, "the government" tribes.

"We were ignored," he said. "Then, instead of ignoring us, they have loosened policy of our government does not care what the central government can do -.. And "more interested in what the industry can do"

The group was established by the Labour government adviser at the prospective report of severe obesity, which is hundreds of pages of scientific data on the problem, its causes and potential solutions harvests. And 'described obesity as a social and cultural questions and watched a lot of government intervention.

But under the coalition government, the prospective approach is widely used set aside, critics say, in favor of encouraging people to be healthier to eat, drink less and exercise more - in addition to voluntary agreements with companies for the production of food and healthy market.

"There is a huge gap between research presented by the highly individualistic approach and foresight of the government," said Rayner. "The problem is when a group of independent-minded politics, food, and psychological research and other experts said that the inadequacy of the board is probably desirable."

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