Senin, 21 November 2011

China warns us about the politics of investment

China was invited to Washington on Friday to avoid politicizing the investment conference after a panel said it would be if the Chinese technology companies operating in the United States constitute a threat to security.

A Foreign Ministry spokesman Liu Weimin, said that Chinese companies operating abroad to comply with the law and act in accordance with market principles.
"We hope the U.S. side not to politicize our economic cooperation," Liu told a regular press conference.
The U. S. House of Representatives Intelligence Committee said it would consider allowing Chinese companies to expand in the U.S., electronic spies in China to help. He cited a rival Huawei Technologies and ZTE Corp. Ltd., the manufacturer of telecommunications equipment, such as companies.
House panel said that the time to play the role of Chinese companies in the supply of components for the telecommunications system of the United States, or access to these systems may allow foreign governments to collect information.
A report by the U.S. government this month accused China and Russia systematically steal data and high-tech economy of the United States. He said an increase in cyber attack and "permanent threat" to the security of the U.S. economy.
Huawei, founded in 1980 by a former Chinese military engineer, became one of the largest global provider of telecommunications equipment. These efforts to expand in the United States has been hampered by security issues.
In February, Huawei said it would buy a computer company in the United States, 3Leaf Systems, relaxation, after failing to approve a panel of foreign acquisitions for potential security threats to obtain.
After the setback that the U.S. government has invited the public to investigate the company Huawei. He rejected accusations that it has a military ties with China and is a threat to U.S. national security.
In 2008, Huawei and American partner, Bain Capital, the U.S. government has an application for approval of a bid to acquire 3Com. The company says it is not national security issues are discussed.

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