Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Iran nuclear sanctions effect fails to win EU consensus

The European Ministers of the EU Foreign failed to agree on an embargo on Iranian oil to explain, but the sanctions imposed on 180 companies and others.

The Foreign Secretary, William Hague, had earlier called for "intensified sanctions" against Iran, but denied that there would be retaliation for the attack against the British embassy in Tehran on Monday to be.

Iran has angered the international community renewed not to protect the embassy, ​​although the EU Council was convened to discuss the Iranian nuclear program.

In an interview on BBC Radio 4 program in The Hague said today agreed an action plan would affect research by Iran of a nuclear weapons program.

"These are not measures in response to our embassy. There are a number of other reactions that have been. Our long-term care is, of course, the nuclear program, the danger it poses to peace in Middle East and the rest of the world, the threat of proliferation, the spread to other countries in the region. And "for this reason, we agree, I hope today for sanctions EU to tighten against Iran. "

Some countries have supported the oil embargo, said the money would reduce Iran to develop nuclear weapons. The French Minister Alain Juppe said that Greece, which depends on Iranian oil, as opposed to a passage.

The Hague has also accused Iran of supporting repression in Syria, while the foreign ministers, told reporters: ". There is a link between what is happening in Iran, and what is happening in Syria"

In a joint statement Wednesday, the Hague said the action "If a country makes it impossible for us to work on their land, they can not expect a functioning embassy here It ' is not equivalent to the severance of diplomatic relations in their .. And 'reduces our overall relations with Iran at the lowest level compatible with the maintenance of diplomatic relations. "

A deadline for an Iranian embassy in London to close and all employees to leave the United Kingdom. He also used the joint statement on the closure of the British embassy in Tehran and the evacuation of all employees to confirm.

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