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Biden helped Obama in three important states

A year of change for democratic elections campaign strategy for the U.S. Vice President Joe Biden that the three main policy objectives battles in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida, states where Biden can be a resource for the campaign President Barack Obama for re-election of the president himself.
Biden plan highlights a really awkward for the Obama team. The faltering economy and enthusiasm among the Democrats collapse could narrow the electoral map for Obama in 2012, leaving his campaign depend on the use of the 67 electoral votes at stake in three swing states.

Obama won all three countries in 2008. But this time the challenges of each, especially in Ohio and Florida, where voters have elected Republican governors in the elections of 2010 mid-term.
President struggles at times to connect with Ohio and Pennsylvania, the white voters of the working class and Jewish voters are a core constituency for the Democrats in Florida and viewed with skepticism.

Biden has built a deep relationship with the two groups during his four decades in national politics, compounds that can make a difference.
As a long list of members of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Biden cemented his reputation as a defender of Israel irreducible, winning the respect of many in the Jewish community. Biden and the working class grew up in a Catholic family in Scranton, Pennsylvania, gives a value untouchable politics: He sympathizes with the struggles of American workers are struggling because his family lived.
"Talking to workers voters is perhaps his greatest attribute," said Dan Schnur, a Republican political analyst. "Obama and Biden gives speeches, subtitles worker."
While Joe Biden around the country will not be launched into high gear until next year, she stopped in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida this fall, speaking at events focused on the education, public safety and small businesses and the country is raising money. Behind the scenes, working on the phone with major Jewish organizations and Catholics in those states, said a senior Democrat.
Biden is also intended to unions, union leaders often speak before a vote in Ohio at the beginning of a state law that would have hindered collective bargaining for public employees. After voters hit the beat, Biden traveled to Cleveland to victory with trade unionists to celebrate.
The official said the Democratic vice president will also be a frequent visitor to Iowa and New Hampshire in the coming weeks in search of some of the limelight to steal the general statements of Republican candidates before the caucus and primary in January.
And while Barack Obama says he can not comment on the field of Republican presidential candidate, Biden did not follow the rules. He urged GOP candidates by name, and in true Biden style seems to have liked to do.
In a speech last month at the Florida Democratic convention, Joe Biden chose "Romney and Rick", criticized the former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney to say that the government should let the foreclosure crisis and low affirmation of beating Texas Governor Rick Perry, he would send U.S. troops to Mexico.
Then he took the field during the fundraising campaign of GOP October 1 in New Hampshire, said: "There is no fundamental difference between the Republican candidates."
Democratic officials said Mr. Biden will follow the tradition of vice-presidents of the role of attack dog, allowing Obama to stay away from the battle and more concentrated than the first appearance of the countryside.
The officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss internal strategies. The Obama campaign has been reluctant to publish Biden's role in defining the re-election so early in the race, but the campaign manager, Jim Messina, said the vice president would be an economic message to call support to be delivered.
"You will see in communities across the country next year the construction of the choice we face: restoring economic security for the middle class, or return to the same policies that led to our economic challenges," said Messina .
Democrats say Biden will campaign for House candidates swing states that the party seeking to recover some of the jobs lost during the mid-2010 session of Congress.
And here is the vice-president of the politically important effort in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida are the most important. The Committee Democratic Congressional Campaign focuses on 12 districts in states that Obama and Biden run in 2008 presidential race, but are represented by Republican representatives.
New York Rep. Steve Israel, who chairs the committee, said he believes that Joe Biden could be a "game-changer" in these districts.
"All you have to do is to ask voters, the Republican strategy did not work for you?" Israel had said.
Israel met with Obama and Biden at the White House earlier this month to discuss among other things, their role in the campaigns of the Congress. If Israel said he hopes Obama will actively campaign for the Democratic candidate in the House, said: "The vice president was voluntary."

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