Selasa, 29 November 2011

Philippines arrests al-Qaida super bomber

Philippine Authorities Arrested in Suspected terrorist linked to Al Qaeda in at least six attacks, Including many karaoke bars in a 2002 explosion That U. S. Green Beret and the explosion of a structure has Killed That Killed three people, They Said Wednesday.

The military police investigation and captured Hussein hiding in a strength of Abu Sayyaf rebels Ahaddin in the southern city of Zamboanga Tuesday. Ahaddin, which effectively uses the name Abu Tiih guerrillas belonged to a militant group of Abu Sayyaf-Urban behind the attacks and Extortion, Executive Secretary Paquito Ochoa Jr. said.
Ochoa, who heads the government's Anti-Terrorism Council, Were looking Authorities said the fellow Ahaddin Pan Hides in Zamboanga City, a bustling port city 540 miles (860 kilometers) south of Manila.
Abu Sayyaf on Basilan was founded in early 1990 as a Consequence of a violent Islamic insurgency has raged That for decades. US-backed attacks have Weakened the group, the Manila, blacklisted by Washington as a terrorist organization, but remains a threat to the security key.
Ahaddin was Involved in the six attacks, it was in Powerful Explosion That Killed three people and wounded 27 others and destroyed the withdrawal Atilano Sunday near downtown Zamboanga City, he said.
The Police Suspected Abu Sayyaf Militants detonated bombs at about 22 pounds (10 kilograms) of TNT and ammonium nitrate powder, a fire destroyed the building Caused on two floors.
Ahaddin was exiled for His Alleged Involvement in an October 2, 2002 bombing of an American Green Beret trainers and two Civilians Against Terrorism in a Philippine karaoke bar outside a military camp in Zamboanga City Killed Malagutay district. Twenty-five others, another American soldier was wounded Including by the bomb was hidden in a parked That motorcycle, Ochoa said.
Zamboanga City Police Chief Supt. Edwin de Ocampo Told The Associated Press has the least Recognized That Ahaddin Malagutay Involvement in Bombings and Explosions That Almost simultaneously last month 11 people in an arena of cock and a budget hotel in Zamboanga City injured.
Ahaddin group bombed a lottery power and fruit are also in. town last month, killing one and six others wounded, police said.
He and His group are to blame for the popular Almost simultaneous Bombings of two people and wounded seven shops That Killed 150 others October 17, 2002 and the bombing of a passenger bus and a motorcycle parked in Which Were 30 people wounded in Zamboanga City.
Abu Sayyaf has about 380 fighters armed and survives on Extortion and kidnapping Mainly for ransom. Al-Qaeda Is Believed to have provided funding and training for the group, known for deadly attacks, kidnappings and beheadings.

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